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This is an extension of the marketing arm of W/I/A/N Industries.

   This will explain some of the newer concepts in marketing that we’ve developed because we couldn’t watch any more as every marketing guru and expert said the same thing to their clients. Basically, one way or another, they wanted you to shout louder and harder about yourself than did the others who are also marketing their practices.

   There was no difference from one piece of marketing to any other no matter who put together the campaign.

   Just like the rest of the dental paradigm, the marketing approach we developed is brand new and is as individual as the dentist so few will be able to match the campaign and real differences will stand out – but they will not be competitive. Their power and mutual strengthening will come from the ability to select and discern and attract to your office from among the many who seek a new dentist.

The average American sees 17 different dentists in a lifetime.

Marketing by focusing on the person who is the doctor and not the doctor who is the doctor is advocated because all “doctors” can say and offer the same things – often down to the same brand names, the same services, the same dental lab and the same everything else that is dentistry.

So, the patient really isn’t choosing by the doctor part. It must be something else and that means personality of the doctor and/or personality of the people on the staff and how that personality affects the prospective patient.

Since your office is not now attracting all of the patients currently seeking a new dentist and is getting only a tiny percentage of those seeking new dentists, it would behoove you to change your marketing and adopt something that will do at least as well, cost less and have the real potential of bringing a significant number of people inside your office door; many more than you now attract.

Then, you can take it from there; but, if you find people are not staying, we have that answer as well.

Keeping people may have never been your problem and may never be for you; and, then again, maybe not yet.

We’ll get prospective patients to your office but you have to keep them. These will be sophisticated patients with discretionary income.

Only after you see that we actually deliver what we promised (your targeted population to your office), should you even consider asking us to help you keep them as patients.

One Note:

More accurately, we don’t get patients inside your door; we get them to contact your office. How you handle that contact is critical. However, we don’t want to hang non-success on your phone technique so keep a record of how many additional people contact you during the campaign – and for 2 months afterward – and compare that to how many called before. (Which means you have to track before and after; something all good businesses do and that’s what you’ll become.)

That’s the key number. We get them to contact your office and once your office answers (by machine, person, E-mail), the responsibility is all yours. If you’re succeeding, you don’t need us any more. If they’re walking away without becoming your patient and you’d like for us to take a look, we’d be glad to help a returning client as strongly as when we first met.

You want more than a mere numbers game (where you send out zillions of things and are satisfied with a piddling return). You want those highly qualified patients (no one qualifies them as we do) to become your lasting and returning patients and you want them to tell their friends about the dentist and office they just found.

That’ll be you.

 How To Communicate The Doctor’s Personality

(or the office’s personality)

to the Patient

 Understand that some doctors have no personality and are really quite dull. (Fortunately, considering all disciplines, there are very few.) Unless their skills are far and away vastly superior to their colleagues’ (and that is not likely), those doctors cannot be helped using this technology.

 Most every doctor can compose his/her thoughts and do so either in a few sentences or a few pages. That’s part of their personality.

 Marketing science tells us that if a person reads the first 50 words, chances are excellent that the next 750 will also be read.

 Look how many you’ve read here. Need we go on as to why you should select us to market your office?

 Contact us.


Of course, you can take this concept to your current marketing advisor but they won’t have the faintest idea what you’re talking about because no one has ever approached marketing a dental practice this way. You can either have them try to do this or ask us, the ones who created and developed it.

 In fact, we’ll show you how your marketing fits right into the new dental paradigm and why it’s fertile, virgin and strewn with gold.

 Dentists have been trying forever to figure out how to attract people to their offices and they’ve spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying and never really succeed.

  So, I thought, they must be thinking the wrong way.

And, as luck would have it, I figured out what they were doing wrong.

They were all – every single one of them to the very last person – trying to get people to come to them because they made themselves out to be some kind of special dentist (cater to cowards, accept insurance, gentle, treat you like family) and they used special postcards, letters printed on special stock, colored envelopes, envelopes that glowed, bulged, were shaped like triangles (expensive to mail!) made noises – you name it.

When it came to ideas for which the dentist paid dearly, there was a never-ending flow of ideas from the so-called marketing experts. Dentists were easy marks; mostly because these gurus were the only game in town (they all said and did the same basic things) and dentists need a flow of patients to stay solvent.

But nothing ever worked unless you sent out zillions of things and were happy with a few hundred who responded. That does not mean they became and stayed your patients. When playing a numbers game like that, success can be a skeptical achievement.

To think you are going to get patients to come to you because you offer the same things every other dentist also offers is not seeing reality.

Instead, people can be attracted to a dentist if they like the person and the way to make them think they may like you through other than face-to-face is by way of their eyes and ears. Whatever they read about you will be very similar to them hearing it because reading and hearing are very similar in the way the messages impact the brain.

So, if a dentist were to send prospective patients things that told about the dentist instead of what the dentist can do in terms of fix-it, repairman stuff, there is an excellent chance that, first, the newness of the approach may strike people’s fancy and capture their attention (achieving the first goal in marketing) and they may even like the way you think and the way you feel about the world and its many compartments.

Now the questions become:

  1. How does one convey that kind of message?
  2. What if they don’t like my thoughts and ideas?
  3. What if I do not have any ideas and I’m really a dull person?
It’s Time To Change The Aura of Dentistry

and Attract New Patients New Ways

and For New Reasons.

There is only a limited number of patients out there

and every dentist wants them.

 How can you stand out among all the other dentists?

(You do know there’s a glut of dentists in your neighborhood, don’t you?)

Here are the 4 new techniques
that can bring patients to you:

1.    New periodontal therapy (A cure?)

2.    New and abundant referrals from physicians

3.    New cosmetic offering (not really new but certainly lucrative and untapped)

4.    New marketing philosophy and approach (much smarter)

Remember: Every new patient of yours is another dentist’s old patient. They left that dentist and now they’re yours (or you’re theirs) and they’ll probably leave you – unless you show them you’re positively different and they see you as notably better for themselves. The average American sees 17 different dentists in their lifetime ( ADA statistic).


What is the single most important thing in your life?


It’s the same thing in everyone’s life. It’s your health and don’t for one moment slough that off as trite.

HEALTH     –        And how to get it

HEALTH     –        And where to get it

HEALTH     –        How to assess your level

HEALTH     –        Why it’s so often ignored

 “Good oral health is achieved by design.

Good general health is an unavoidable consequence.”

 The dentist has taken command and control of the leaderless nutrition industry. The hundreds of millions of dollars yearly paid to that industry are now funneled through the individual dental offices that become involved. There is plenty for all dentists. Join in!

 You can now really treat periodontal disease.

 You can eliminate (or reduce to insignificance) the 2 real causes of periodontal disease . . . relatively easily . . . and generate a significant profit for yourself.

If you eliminate the causes of a disease, the disease cannot exist.

Patients will be very grateful

 ·        There are 2 etiologic factors of periodontal disease. The first causes the problem and the second makes it worse; and bacteria is not either of them.

The fascinating thing about our approach to marketing is that it eliminates the cutthroat competition among dentists; an obvious situation of patient envy they refuse to admit exists. The more quickly dentists follow our advice and guidance, the better it is for all dentists because it’ll more rapidly bring the change to dentistry that’ll open up entirely new vistas; new territories we describe as fertile, virgin and strewn with gold.

 Most marketing companies will charge you upwards of $15,000-$20,000 and want their money up front – or secured in some way. Then, they do the same things every other marketing company will do.

They’ll want you to place newspaper ads, higher people to hand out custom fliers you’ll pay to have printed; fund a direct mail effort (using special paper); buy billboard space; produce materials for broadcast media (radio, television); tell you to write and self- publish a book or get a local newspaper to allow you to pen a local column so you’ll become established as an “expert.” They may even ask you to hire a geek to build a web site for your office and then, of course, you’ll have to market your web site as the other dentists are also doing for their web sites.

What they will be doing is what everyone else is doing, using some form of message-sending to shout that you want the public’s business. Hence, it becomes a matter of who is shouting louder (i.e. spending more money). It’s their concept that if you shout loud enough and long enough, people will remember your name and your business will grow that way. The guy down the block is doing the same thing.

Soon, they’ll tell you to either increase your fees and go for the elite and monied population or lower your fees (or give away some services) and go for the volume.

Have you jumped into that sea of sameness yet? DON’T!

Ask them to be paid on results and they’ll laugh at you because they’ll never do that. They know most of their clients fail but they all have 2 or 3 who have benefitted because those dentists had no one in their neighborhood at that time who was also shouting.

Ask them what makes them different from the other marketing companies or why people will come to your office instead of the guy down the block who can say the very same things you’re saying (and is also writing a column and sending mailings and advertising in newspapers, etc.) and they will not have an answer – certainly not one that makes sense or justifies their fees; and certainly not one that insinuates that you know nothing about marketing.

There is another way;

a much smarter and wiser way;

and we all know that smarter is better.

With our approach, people will come to you because you can offer them something of extraordinary value; something they truly want and need; something the other guys can’t offer (not yet, at least). So, people will have to come to you if they want these desirable services. You will have effectively eliminated your competition.

We’ll show you how to use your degree and license to build a money machine that generates profits that rival your current gross income.

Except for a small initial fee of $3375 (we do have costs and you must make a commitment), all of our income rests on results so we have a vested interest in making sure you have impressive, ongoing success. The more you make, the more we earn.

 If we gave you a dollar you never had,

would you give us 25 cents?

Vince Lombardi – perhaps the greatest football coach

of all time owed most of his success to:


 Although Vince Lombardi is known for saying things like: Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing, the truth is that he preached: The desire to win is the single most important aspect of success in life . . . as well as in football.

His team consistently won because he focused on the very center of “the box” which is an adherence to fundamentals. For a football team, that meant tackling, blocking and execution of the fundamentals of football.

 For Dentistry it means focusing on “quin’talano”(the essence of science): keen observation with a trained eye and deft interpretation with an educated mind.

The fundamental of dentistry – the criterion that epitomizes the doctor – rests on the critical diagnostic question:

What caused this to happen?

Once this is determined, the repairman aspect, the technician aspect, the fix-it aspect, the craftsman aspect of the profession can be employed.

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