The Round-Robin Diet

The Round Robin
6-Day Diet For 7 People
(developed by W/I/A/N Industries)

The 6-Day Diet has been shown to also be extremely effective for the individual.

Form a group of people (we suggest 5-9) who want to capture (or capture again) the well-known benefits of youth, health and beauty. The Round Robin 6-Day Diet will also provide fun, success, entertainment, welcome surprises and information you will use throughout your entire life.

The 6-Day Diet is extremely effective, not anything like you’ve ever heard and, when group support is included, the results are magnified.

On Day #1, the first person begins the 6-day diet

On Day #2, the second person begins the 6-day diet

On Day #3, the third person begins the 6-day diet

And so on.

The lead person acts like a been-there/done-that guide, tells everyone what to expect and provides suggestions.

It’s strongly suggested that you read the diet first so you know what each day requires and stock your house with ALL of everything that is going to be needed. And do all of that before you begin the diet.

The Round Robin 6-Day Diet For 7 People

 NEVER eat anything that has any artificial sweeteners.

Day 1
Fast For One Full Day – 24 hours
During that time, you should not have anything to eat but should drink about one gallon of alkaline water. (You can open a Microhydrin capsule and put the powder into a gallon of distilled water. This will give you alkaline water with minerals but will slightly cloud the water.) No other beverage. Brush your teeth as usual. (see Secrets Of Toothbrushing)
Exercise: Keep it light. For example: a brisk walk around the block.

Day 2
Eat nothing but fruit or melons (try not to combine fruit with melon) and eat as much as you wish. Eat a variety of these foodstuffs.
Pears-apples-grapes-peaches-plums-kiwi-bananas-tomatoes-oranges-grapefruit, etc.
Beverage: alkaline water and/or unsweetened fruit and vegetable juices.
Exercise: As above

Day 3
Add complex carbohydrates to your diet and eat them alone.
Eat as much as you want.
Whole grain breads and rolls, cereals, pastas (can have with tomato sauce), yogurt (no fruit in the yogurt)
At least one hour must pass from the time you eat fruits/melons until the time you eat the complex carbohydrates.
At least 1½ hours must pass if you reverse the order and eat the carbohydrates first.
Rule of Fruit
Eat it alone or leave it alone.
Beverage: as above and can add teas (herbal, non-caffeine)
Exercise: More in time and expended effort

Day 4
Add fresh vegetables to your food intake.
You can eat vegetables with your carbohydrates but not with your fruits/melons.
Alkaline water is always your best beverage.
Soda is death because it contains phosphates, huge amounts of sugar or other sweeteners, colorings, etc.
Health food stores have soda without those things.
Read the labels.
Artificial sweeteners are not acceptable – anywhere, ever.
Never drink cow’s milk. 
(Cow’s milk is good for baby cows.)
Exercise: Increase to maximum of 30 minutes/day (includes warm-up) and keep it there.

Day 5
Add fat/protein to your food intake (eggs, cheese, nuts, seeds, fish, meats, poultry)
Do not eat carbohydrates and fat/protein together.
You can eat vegetables with any foods except fruits.

Day 6
Eat everything as described above.
Begin nutrient regimen (Juice Plus and Microhydrin)
Exercise: 3-4 times/week; 30 minutes (maximum) each time; be sure to exercise the large leg and arm and back muscles.

Juice Plus (kosher and pareve) is the professionally and ethically-required nutritional formulation that must be prescribed if low nutritional status (strength) is determined. 

Obtain online:
Order both Juice Plus and Vineyard Blend capsules.

Microhydrin – unique in all of supplementation;
supplies the H-minus ion and minerals on a nanobiologic scale.
Obtain Microhydrin from 1-800 722-0444
(use verification code # 131308)

OPTIONS: You can repeat this food intake sequence as often as you like. Each day can last for more than the one day – except for the first day. Do not fast for more than 2 days in a row.

This is more detailed in the book: Doctor-Level Nutrition (Tate Publishing)

 copyright 2014 W/I/A/N Industries

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