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 Here you will find the crucial, inside secrets dentistry now has for you; secrets that can get rid of your gum disease by treating it more effectively and eliminating the causative factors and without the causative factors, the disease cannot exist; secrets that can easily and quickly overcome problems with which you thought you’d have to live for the rest of your life – all at much reduced costs.

85% of all illnesses have a major malnutrition component and nutrition is the single most absent consideration from all doctors’ treatment plans. WIAN-trained dentists have learned how to use nutrition in its easist, most potent and least expensive form and have incorporated that information into their dental practices so good general health is now available through dentistry.

“Good oral health

is achieved by design.

Good general health

is an unavoidable consequence.”

  WIAN-trained dentists can now provide nutrition services at the doctor level which is vastly different from the dietitian and nutritionist varieties.

Dentistry’s stunning new examination process opens the doctor’s eyes to insights about the general health of a patient in ways that have never before been seen. One new advantage for the patient is the dentist’s ability to make an accurate nutritional status determination without using any laboratory tests.

 You may find what follows to be interesting.

    The importance of knowing your nutritional status is critical because everything that happens in your body is determined by your nutritional status.
    Your immune system and how well it works is directly connected to your nutritional status. If your immune system is not operating well, you’ll have more flu and colds and sore throats and allergy symptoms will be worse. They’ll be more severe and they will last longer.
    Your ability to digest foods is directly related to your nutritional status. If your digestion system is not working well, you’ll have more “heartburn” and indigestion. You won’t have the energy you need or want. You won’t have the clarity of thought you need for important business decisions or decisions relating to your family or needs of your children. The foods you eat won’t give you the nutrients they have in them. You’ll more likely be stricken with ailments like diverticulitis and gastritis and colitis, heart disease and stroke.
    The success your child has in school is directly related to your child’s nutritional status. Learning new things and remembering them well and how to use this new information is directly dependent on a healthy and strong nutritional status. Children who are well nourished always do better than children whose nutritional status is compromised. The dentist who uses the new examination has been specially trained in concepts of nutritional support.
    Nutritional status is important to consider if your body is going to be subjected to the rigors of healing.
    When looked at, the education of the dentist in the field of human biology is extremely intricate and deep and technical. When graduated from dental school, the dentist already knows 90% of all he needs to know about nutrition. The part that’s missing is only 10% but it is the critical linkage. Implementing the new dental examination is indication of mastery of that missing 10%.

Necessary Background Information

Of a dentist’s entire professional education, only about 20% of the information learned related to fixing teeth. That’s the mechanical, fix-it, repairman, technician treatment. The other 80% is what separates the doctor from the technician. That 80% contains the secrets of the human body, why it gets sick and how it stays well. That 80% is shelved and forgotten once the shingle is hung and practice begins. Hence, the entire dental profession is built almost entirely on the 20%.

 Once the other 80% is incorporated into the practice of dentistry, everything changes.

Of course, at this time, you could use an example or two to re-orient your mindset. We have many but here are a few:

1.    If you awoke with a hole in your leg, you’d be alarmed. A hole in your tooth (a cavity) should sound the same alarm bells. No body part is designed to develop holes and when the hardest structure in your body (tooth enamel) turns into a soft, smelly, decayed mass, it’s a blatant sign that something is very wrong. Many enzyme systems must malfunction for such destruction to occur. To merely fill the hole and move on to the next tooth is the response of a technician. A doctor’s response is very different.

2.    Periodontal disease has been linked to numerous serious, body-wide afflictions including cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Periodontal disease has never been conquered by dentistry – not even close.

3.    Typical treatment for periodontal disease is to have the patient return every three months (or so) for “maintenance cleanings.” When the doctor is asked if the patient needs the teeth cleaned at that visit, the answer is almost alwaysyes. When asked if they thought the patient’s teeth were dirty the day before that visit (something they were never asked or ever considered), the answer is always, again,yes. And the day before that? And the day before that? It turns out that the patient’s teeth are clean only the days they are cleaned in the dental office. 4 days of 365. No wonder nobody ever gets better!

An undeniable, high science/low tech methodology has been developed that enables the dentist to:

  1. Take command and control of the leaderless nutrition industry
    1. Currently, physicians pay nutrition little attention
    2. Managed care looks the other way
    3. Insurance won’t pay a dime for it
    4. Nutritionists can be anyone with little or no training
    5. Dietitians know very little about the human body.
  2. Eliminate (or reduce to insignificance) the 2 causes of periodontal disease and without the causes, there can be no disease. The dental profession never did this and is the reason they have always failed.
    1. It is very hard (almost impossible) to believe but the truth is that the dental profession never addresses the causes of the disease. Of the 2 causes, they address one woefully and the other not at all.

Ramifications of these new abilities of dentists are stunning to contemplate and here are a few:

  • The dentist can now accurately and scientifically determine if a person will be a high or low risk on the operating table, something no one else can really do.
    This evaluation will become a de facto mandatory pre-operative procedure.
  • People will save time, money and avoid many hardships of treatment because of the new periodontal therapy, not to mention not enduring the terrible destruction and debilitation caused by the disease.
  • Dentists will have an elevated place in the health care hierarchy, make more money than ever and wield a power and influence never before conceived while providing new and extremely valuable services.
  • However much the dentists will gain, the ones who will benefit the most will be the patients.

Most important of all, however, America becomes healthier and can again take the lead and successfully bring the world to the doorstep of the 22nd century.

We know this all sounds audacious and unbelievable but we are fully ready to stun you, the nation’s top advisors and the The United States public with a low tech, highly scientific approach that will dramatically change America and allow our country to again become the leader that can lead the world for the rest of this century; readying us for the glorious promises the future holds.

The Crucial and Ignored Role Nutrition Plays in Orthodontic Therapy

Typically, those undergoing orthodontic therapy are children between the ages of 9 and 16; teenagers for the most part. This population is widely known for being subject to stresses that are truly dramatic. Such elements include sibling rivalry, peer pressure, the anxieties of school, the multiple and varied exposures to the real world, the impact of raging hormones and the uncountable stress factors of growing up.

When, to that mix, one adds the constant, 24/7 stresses that are placed on the highly influential stomatognathic system during orthodontic therapy, it becomes incumbent upon the doctor to address the patient’s nutritional status, something that is rarely done; more rarely done assiduously, and still more rarely done on an evidence-based foundation.

The biologic result of stress is the depletion of nutrients. In addition to the acknowledged high levels of stress, the teenage population is also known to have the worst diet and eating habits, especially if they live in industrialized countries that offer the sludge of fast foods, processed foods, denatured foods and a plethora of non-foods.

One can only guess at the damage done when a growing body does not have the nutrients necessary to allow the maturation process of the biologic systems to happen as designed. To allow such deficiencies over the course of years is something with which most parents would not want to take a chance but, until now, they had no way of determining their children’s nutritional status. Nor did they have the insights presented here.

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