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Today, we journey;
as we bring you,
over the threshold

and introduce you to a world

we characterize as:

“Fertile, virgin and strewn with gold.”


 The Choices For The Dentist

Are Easy


 1.     Continue as you have been doing; being paid only for the things you actually do with your hands and be just another dentist who offers and does the same as every other dentist in your neighborhood


 2.     Slip these new concepts into your practice and give your patients a proven way to get rid of the 2 real causes of periodontal disease plus many other advantages they cannot now receive anywhere and you become part of the growing set of dentists who are already sharing in a new source of income that funnels many tens of millions of dollars through individual dental practices.

Become A W/I/A/N Dentist

 This new paradigm will allow all dentists to generate more lucrative incomes and profit margins that dwarf what is currently possible. This new positioning does not require any new equipment but does require new thinking. “Current thinking cannot carry us through great times . . . and great times are ahead.”

 This brand of dentistry requires the adoption of an evidence-based practice and the incorporation of allof the dentist’s education, not merely the 20% (the mechanical training) that related to fixing teeth.

 Because this web site is also open to the public, in a short time, the general population will come to know these new therapeutic approaches and will demand them and ask questions about them. Hence, it behooves the dentist to become keenly familiar with the new standards, concepts and applications of techniques which, although simple to understand and easy to implement, are different from what is currently being offered.

 The learning curves are quick and easy so the dentist’s entire staff readily becomes involved, interested and effective. While it will become apparent that the dentist will derive increased wealth, prestige, dignity and appeal from this new approach to patient care, the ones who benefit the most will be the patients – exactly as it should be.

 Our appeal to dentists is that we show them how to make a great deal more money without investing much in time, expense or effort. They will now unhesitatingly be paid for doing the “doctor” things that involve thinking instead of – and as well as – for the “fix-it and repairman” things that are labor intensive.
Attributes of a W/I/A/N Dentist:
 1)    Is a student of nutrition at the doctor level.

a.       Doctor-Level Nutrition is vastly different from the dietitian and nutritionist.

b.      Because of that difference, typical results are outstanding.

2)    Understands and professionally and responsibly reacts to the relationship between the health of the mouth and the health of the body.

3)      Does all of the routine things like root canal therapy, implants, cosmetic dentistry, etc.

4)      Develops new streams of new patients from new sources other dentists cannot access.

5)     Taps into new income reservoirs that funnel many tens of millions of dollars through the individual dental offices in America.

6)     Uses the new treatment protocols for periodontal disease that directly attack the 2 real causes of the disease and either removes them or reduces them to insignificance.

a.     Without the causes, the disease cannot exist. This dimension added to your practice can, by itself, bring profits that can rival your current gross income.

7)      W/I/A/N dentists have increased stature in the healthcare hierarchy commensurate with increased power, influence, income and responsibility.


 An Old Dental Mind

Older dentists distinguish themselves by keeping to their old ways. In one sense, they are smart to do so and in another sense, that tags them as old.

We all know many dentists (and you may be one) who have many different kinds of composite materials in their office because they purchased the “newest generation” each time one was unveiled. Their offices may also gleam with the newest technology: digital radiography, lasers and imaging equipment of one form or another. The warning holds: Those who build their practices on high tech will soon be obsolete.

We suppose it’s what keeps the dental companies in business but we found that unless the “new” thing gives noticeable improvement, why bother switching. If we weren’t getting results that made us proud and we could realistically blame it on what we were using, of course a new purchase would be appropriate but that is rarely the case. It’s the poor craftsman who blames his tools.

Ideas and thought patterns are the true indicators of an “old” practitioner. Chances are, if you’ve been thinking the same way about what you do in your office for the past 10 or 15 years, it’s a good indication that you are “old” and set in your ways – to the detriment of your patients. You become a drag and a burden to the progress of the profession. You impede the elevation of the aura of the profession. You are also a hindrance and something with which the rest of us must contend. You are a waste of energy.

That doesn’t mean that your margins are in err or your occlusal schemes are faulty or your esthetics are unpleasing. It means you are merely a mechanic, a fix-it man who does not see beyond the teeth and gums because the most dramatic change in the dental profession has nothing to do with teeth and gums. This is the 21st century and if you’re still using 20th century concepts and focus solely on the teeth and gums and do not consider the person behind them, you are a dentist with an old mindset.

On the other hand, if you understand that change is the only thing upon which you can count and you see the change that is happening in the dental profession and you are one of the first (the true first ones have already made the change), the opportunity for you, your staff and your practice is, indeed, grand.

Dental companies have been made aware of the change and a number of doctors have also been made aware of the change. Several editorials and articles have appeared in varied professional journals (e.g.Maryland AGDImplant News and Views, NYS AGD Journal).

Dentistry is moving upward and will soon be placed at the forefront of the health care industry and the dentist will be given a new power and influence of great magnitude.


 Doctor, Come Get Your Money

Dear Doctor,

This is unabashedly about money and how to make your position as a doctor pay off in grand terms while doing exactly what a doctor is supposed to do: direct people toward better health.

There are two motivations that drive doctors: directing people toward better health and deriving income from doing that. The issue of increasingly poor health in America is as obvious as the issue of dwindling doctors’ income. There is a peer-reviewed, researched and scrutinized way to get your patients healthy and dramatically increase your income.
“Understanding nutrition as the most crucial of all therapies is the keynote of 21st century health care.”

Our concepts are easily accepted because our evaluation process is so extraordinary and has a captivating co-diagnosis factor.

We advise from two different aspects: food intake and nutrient formulations.

We divide supplements into 2 categories; those supported by science and those supported by Madison Avenue hype and advertising. At the doctor level, recommendations always come from the science-supported category, especially since our typical results are outstanding.

  • Immune system markers all increase by 200%-400%
  • homocysteine is virtually eliminated
  • blood flow increases by 50%
  • DNA damage falls by 66%
  • and on and on.

That nutrition is the essence of health and the most influential element in all of health care is indisputable. That we can now increase our patients’ nutritional status and be handsomely rewarded for doing so is a legitimate trade.

Known vitamins are only a tiny part of the entire gamut of nutrients we need on a daily basis and the old and unsophisticated notions behind “Vitamins” is no longer a mainstay of nutrition therapy in this new century.

We’ve given stability and clarity to the leaderless, confusing, contradictory and directionless nutrition industry; we’ve given preciseness and effectiveness.

We invite you to join us in addressing the nation’s nutritional status and receive your share of the substantial income that is there for you. The new oral examination is the simple tool we use. From that, we extracted the revealing 7 Simple Signs of Low Nutrition Status.

It’s simple and requires no new equipment. It’s merely a matter of using the full knowledge you already have. When you do, the money you can make and the benefits you can provide your patients are both enormous. 

Let’s Make Money – Lots of Money

What’s more important, your patients’ health or money in your pocket? Likely both but what’s moreimportant? Money is what it’s all about and without it, you can’t function as a doctor so let’s talk about using your doctor position to make money, a lot of it. I’m talking about money without the stresses of hospital politics or insurance hassles yet still keeping the patients’ interests in center focus. Use all of your knowledge in your practice and you can easily establish a doctor-level nutrition aspect. It obliterates the following mindset obstacles.

  1. Doctors don’t know how to make money with a nutrition service in their practice.
    (The key factor.)
  2. Doctors don’t know how to evaluate a patient from a nutritional standpoint.
    (The second key ingredient.)
  3. Doctors wouldn’t know what advice and guidance to give even if they were able to determine a patient’s nutritional status. (We teach them and their staff.)
  4. Doctors (erroneously) think that having a nutrition service means selling vitamins.Once these problems are no longer present, it becomes a matter of an exchange: Your patients give you their money and you give them a level of health they have not been able to achieve.

Doctor-Level Nutrition can be your perfect retirement practice.

There is a proven way that’s based on gold standard research by many of the most prestigious institutions in the world (UCLA, Vanderbilt, MD Anderson, NIH, Kings College in London, Wake Forest, etc.). Follow that discipline and you will make dramatic dollars easily and your patients will be the recipients of better health.

Ours is a new paradigm in health based on the essence of all science: keen observation with a trained eye and deft interpretation with an educated mind. Highly credentialed scientists, doctors and biologists from all over the world support our approach with results like:

  • weight decrease from fat loss, not from loss of lean muscle
  • anti-cancer qualities (already proven and other studies underway)
  • prevention of pre-eclampsia (current prospective study underway after a stunning retrospective study was done)
  • decreased triglycerides and cholesterol
  • and on and on and on.

    It has been conjectured that to withhold this information from your patients 
    may be a breach of professional responsibility.

    By addressing your patient’s nutritional status, you will be attacking the most prevalent and serious health problem in America: 85% of all illnesses have a major malnutrition component; obesity is epidemic and both the result and cause of other maladies; 70% of 12-year-olds already have arterial disease; and the data in other areas are just as gruesome.

    There is no amount of money that can repay you for bringing your patients up to higher levels of health and well-being but the money you’ll make will be indicative of very grateful people; lots of easy money in exchange for the most valuable item of all, health. 



 The major reason dentists (and physicians for that matter) shy away from marketing and being more business-oriented is the overtones that business has. It seems that business – anything business-oriented – is seen as opposite to the standards by which the doctor should conduct himself.

A familiar reference is to the thinness of the fictitious book entitled: Ethics in Business.

It is a great opportunity for Dentistry to attack this problem by leading the way in changing the standards of business ethics. Dentistry can do this through a marketing approach currently being taught by a true master of marketing.

Combined with the W/I/A/N approach to dental practice, the combination of effects is enormously powerful and beneficial to all who become involved – at no one’s expense! (How is that possible? Actually, someone does pay for it but they will never complain.)

These marketing concepts foster the continuing effort to supply to the customer every benefit and value that can be conceived and let the customer decide through better (enlightened) vision where their dollars will be spent.

The trust that the public already has for the dentist is a trust that cannot be betrayed but can certainly be tapped for the terrific good will and efforts that dentists have invested in building that doctor-patient relationship.

If dentists can let it be known that they are more than just mechanics, the public will see dentists in a different perspective – as a more whole human being (and that becomes a much better platform from which to deliver the physical dental services). That new viewpoint can become the stepping stone to developing a doctor-patient relationship that is much stronger.

Older, yes.   Sicker, no.

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