The DNA Turn-on

The DNA Turn-On

Written by Dr. Jan Wade Gilbert

for Wian Industries

Copyright 2014

Wian Industries

It was recently estimated by the most prestigious research scientists that 70-90% of the DNA in our bodies is not used. Some have called this biological material filler and nonsense and useless but we did not think God makes useless things. And now, scientists are claiming that the useless DNA really does have a use.

We have become what we are today because we use more of our DNA than did our ancestors. We, today, have 99% of the same DNA as did the Neanderthal man. The DNA was always there but less was “turned on” then and more is “turned-on” now. The additional DNA usage causes additional kinds of molecules to be synthesized in our bodies, molecules that had previously not been made.

Once these new molecules began coursing through our systems, they came upon receptors that also have always been in our bodies but were never activated – because the activation molecules were never synthesized by the DNA that was never turned on. Activation of these previously dormant receptors allowed them to become sensitive to certain stimuli that never before caused an effect – because the receptors were not activated. These now-activated receptors respond to specific stimuli and begin a sequence of biochemical reactions that result in a specific end point.

Over the course of many thousands of years, more and more of these receptors have been activated because more and more DNA has been turned on. What these newly active receptors have given us are abilities we did not previously have (greater and more extensive use of our brains?). For example, if the receptors in the retina were not activated previously, we did not have sight (using “sight” as an illustrative but obviously not real example). Upon activation, when light struck the receptors in the retina, it gave us vision. Before activation, the sunlight had no effect. Before eyesight, the concept of eyesight would seem unbelievable.

DNA is turned on by outside influences; things we ingest. Science currently knows about 25 superfruits that exist throughout the world. These are very dense nutrient sources having quantities of specific nutrients in exceedingly large amounts. By ingesting these nutrients in new combinations, you may ingest the biochemicals that turn on some of the unused DNA material we all have. Certain combinations of foodstuffs we have never eaten may be the secret to turning on different genes.

It’s merely a matter of finding those combinations. It can be done but it will take a very long time to find them all. However, in the end, we will be able to turn on all of our genes.

“Imagine what a healthy American population can accomplish!”

You must also consider what people will be like on the way to turning on all of their DNA. In other words, as we continuously learn which nutritional combinations turn on which genes, we will develop generations that have progressively more and more control over how many and which genes we intentionally turn on.

Those newly turned-on genes will produce molecules that have never before been produced by that person. These new biochemicals then activate chemical receptors (all receptors in biologic entities are chemical) we already have in our bodies; receptors that have been dormant. The stimuli that influence those now-activated receptors will now cause changes they did not cause when receptors did not (because they could not) respond to them; because the receptors had not been activated; because the DNA had not been turned on; so the receptor-activating molecules were not made.

 For a moment, think about what it means to turn on DNA and get changes we never had. What kind of changes might they be?

One example could relate to the cosmic rays that strike our bodies. When they strike now, we cannot seem to find any effects – and cosmic rays are always striking our bodies. When the sun’s electromagnetic rays strike our bodies, we see changes; many of them. From the UV variety of light that causes suntanning to the visible spectrum that allows us to see to the production of Vitamin D (which is really a hormone, not a Vitamin).

What would happen if newly turned-on DNA formed proteins that, when the blood carried them around the body, they ultimately reach and activate dormant receptors that are sensitive to cosmic rays?

When cosmic rays strike the body with such active receptors, these receptors would have some kind of response to the stimulus of cosmic rays and all – all – biological responses are biochemical. Because the receptors had been dormant and functionless, they never participated in this – and possibly not in any – biochemical reaction.

But now they are activated and can participate! And they cause new reactions to happen in the body. It may have never happened to anyone else. You can think of it as an instant mutation but it isn’t a mutation at all. A mutation is an accident that changes DNA to something other than what was supposed to be.

What we’re talking about is built-in design; the DNA has always been there; just never used; never turned-on. It was always in the off position and never made the molecules it was programmed to make. Now it’s on and the new molecules participate with all of the surrounding molecules and a biochemical reaction happens that will likely then become part of a sequence of biochemical reactions.

It’s possible that the same food combination also turns on other genes because when one eats food, one ingests thousands upon thousands of nutrients. Hence, more DNA than we may realize may have been turned on. That kind of detail will be revealed to the future generations that will study DNA more intensely than we now study it.

Because of the cosmic ray stimulus, something happens chemically to the molecules that comprise the receptor. They then start to react with other chemicals in the body at that site. Without the cosmic ray stimulus, the receptors would not react.

When two chemicals react, whether outside the body or inside the body, something new is produced; something that is not any of the substances that began the reaction. This end product of the chemical reaction is new and did not exist before the reaction occurred. Because it happened inside a living being, it’s called a biochemical reaction. All chemical reactions inside a living entity are biological in nature.

     The end product of that new reaction is now a substance that did not exist prior to the reaction. And, if this is the first time this reaction has taken place, something has been made in the body that has never before been in the body and this new biochemical is going to be carried around the body by the blood, lymph and all fluids of the body. Sooner or later, that new biochemical is going to find other biochemicals with which it can – and will – react. When these reactions take place, more biochemicals are going to be produced that have never been in the body and they will affect others and so on and so on.

 Ultimately, if enough of these reactions occur in a sequence that has already been programmed to happen but has never been activated, we will see or feel something we have never seen nor felt before.

 If the receptors in the eye were never activated and suddenly they were and we had the miracle of sight where no one had ever before seen anything and only unchanging black was registering, the wonderment of sight could be astonishing and frightening to the person who suddenly sees. Likely, there would not even be any vocabulary relating to sight because nobody ever had sight. To be able to see colors, shapes, movements, spatial relationships, hand-eye coordination, depth and dimension would be astounding. There not being any way to communicate on an understandable level would be something most of us cannot even imagine.

I’m writing about it and I can’t imagine what it would be like.

But what if there were receptors that were sensitive to something else, similar to the retina being sensitive to light. What if the receptors were sensitive to some other kind of wave; like the electromagnetic waves that emanate from the brain; someone else’s brain? If you knew the nutritional combination that turned on the DNA that activated that brainwave receptor, you could acquire the ability to read minds whenever you wanted. Once the nutrient combination is no longer in your body, your DNA is no longer being turned on and the ability would disappear; just as you can turn on and off the nutritional deficiency affliction called night blindness by either eating or not ingesting Vitamin A.

That’s the essence of what happens to keep us alive. The DNA we use daily requires special nutritional combinations in order to be functional. Because we are constantly eating the foods we normally eat, we are continually supplying the DNA with the Turn-On combinations and the DNA keeps producing what they are programmed to produce.

But what if we stop feeding our bodies? We’d find that the DNA stops producing the things it was producing because there would be no correct nutritional combinations that keep the DNA turned on. Without those kinds of biochemicals that were being delivered by our food intake, the DNA turns off and stops working. The DNA does not then produce the substances needed to make the body work. As the storages and supply of biochemicals dwindle, we lose function more and more and soon, our DNA stops producing the biochemicals that are needed to keep our hearts and lungs and other systems functioning.

We die.

But first, we show signs of systems faltering and that can be a variety of things. Our digestion can malfunction; or our kidneys; or livers or muscles or brains. We can be tired, overweight or underweight and unable to think clearly; or lose hand-eye coordination or balance. Our vision can be lost and our hearing diminished. Body functions that used to work so well are no longer working well.

One’s nutrition is the key for maintaining the turned-on status of DNA. It is at that level that nutrition is most important because that is the starting point for all that we are.

As the nutrition of a person (or an entire people or population) is altered, so is altered the amount of DNA that is turned on and so is altered the final capabilities and function of that group.

 And what if we did it the other way and turned on more DNA than we now do by using additional, different nutritional combinations? Think of all the things that grow on the planet and how they all have different nutrient compositions. The combinations are endless (not really endless, just monstrous in number) but then think of all the DNA that is not turned on in our bodies. Some estimate it as much as 93% and some as low as 70% (if you consider 70% low).

That’s how much DNA and potential is not being used. If we consider that all we are and all we have accomplished in the human race has been the result of only 30% of our capabilities because only 30% of our DNA has been turned on (one extreme of estimates), what do you say of a nutritionally strong population? And what would you think if it were true that currently only 7% of our DNA is being used (the other extreme of estimates)!

And what if we were able to turn on DNA not by eating things but by inhaling or injecting or via other techniques of absorption? Marijuana (alcohol, etc.) likely turns on DNA we don’t usually have functioning; but all we note is the final result.

It’s possible that receptors can be activated that are sensitive to the electromagnetic waves that emanate from others’ brains. We might be able to detect them and process them in our own brains and can thus read minds and communicate telepathically – if we were properly nutritionally strengthened. That’s why some people have an inkling of what other brains are thinking or, seemingly out of the blue, a thought comes to you when, in reality, it comes from a specific place and your brain picked up on it but, because not all of the necessary DNA has been turned on, you get only a flash of the whole thought.

It’s somewhat like suddenly seeing something more than just an unchanging blackness when nothing like sight has ever happened before. It could be astonishing. So, too, could a telepathic event seem too astonishing to believe.

Extrapolating backwards, we may think that our ancient ancestors did not have access to as many nutritional combinations and, so, only used a fraction of the DNA we now have functioning in the human body. That’s why they were the way they were and we are as we are.

Most people know that a chameleon can change the color of its skin to match the background. We think that allows the chameleon to blend better and not be seen as easily.

If that is the reason (and no one really knows – we can only surmise), the chameleon is hiding from those predators that rely on color differentiation and shape to detect prey.

How does the color change happen? Do you think the chameleon says: “Hmmm. I’m sitting on a brown rock so I’ll change my skin color to brown. However, I also note a splash of green and a hint of blue. I think I’ll alter my individual body parts to match the background area more accurately.”

An octopus can easily (do we really know if it’s easy?) change several parts of its body simultaneously to different colors if the backgrounds behind it are multiply colored. The front can be one color, the midsection another and the posterior aspect of the octopus a third color. And it happens instantly; in the blink of an eye. Do we really think the octopus is consciously making the alterations – and so all animals that make such changes – flawlessly?

 If they do that consciously and intentionally and specifically, we have to rethink what we mean by consciously. Also, if it is intentional, that ability places the human conscious brain and body control mechanisms on a level much lower than the hierarchy we like to envision. We would seem to lean to the comparatively incapable.

What is more likely happening is that special receptors pick up the electromagnetic wavelengths that emanate from the individual colors as they strike the body. Different colors give off different electromagnetic wavelengths. The body covering changes its colors reflexively.

We humans see different colors only because special biochemicals in the retina are sensitive to the different wavelengths of color. Each wavelength causes a biochemical reaction in the receptor specific for that wavelength. Each wavelength causes a different sequence of reactions and each sequence ultimately ends in the brain and is interpreted as a specific color (red, for example, has a long wavelength and blue is very short).

Electromagnetic wave receptors are all over our body. Electromagnetic waves are a particular form of energy. The energy strikes the molecule and changes the molecule. (The molecule is the receptor.)

The molecule can be changed in any number of ways or combinations of changes. The molecule can have a weakness/affinity for that specific form of energy and when that specific form of energy strikes the molecule, a hydrogen atom is knocked off. Or, perhaps, nothing is knocked off but the molecule is forced to bend and its shape changes. (The 3-dimensional shape changes when anything influences the molecule.) This new shape can now react with another molecule that was always there but nothing could ever happen unless the bending first occurred. By bending in shape, the two molecules can now fit together (stereoscopic compatibility) and a biochemical reaction can happen.

In the case of body-color changes, the receptors are specific in their sensitivity to the electromagnetic spectrum coming from the background. When the electromagnetic emanations from the background color strike the receptors, the energy of that electromagnetic wave causes at least one change in one of the biochemicals in that area.

That changed biochemical is now able to react with other biochemicals in the area and that begins a sequence of biochemical reactions that ultimately cause a change in the body color to match the surroundings. And, it happens very quickly; in the blink of an eye. To think that any brain can consciously do that seemingly instantaneously – and do it flawlessly every time – is to give quite an attribute to the performing entity.

It is much more likely that this happens without any thought. And it happens without error. I suppose the ones that made errors in the color changes and could not so well hide were apparent to the predators. They’d likely die out rather soon. So, survival of the fittest may not have been the code as much as death to those who cannot hide as well; and those who could not hide as well were the mutations. There may be a place for Creationism if one believes that all species were originally endowed with genes they need to properly fit into the scheme of things and those that mutated did so to their detriment.

 Perhaps accurately, rapidly and without thinking is the way it was originally designed and the ones that could not make the changes as well are the mutants and their strain does not survive.

And what is it biochemically that happens at the receptor site? The energy from the electromagnetic wave (corresponding to a specific color) forces the biochemicals at the receptor site to be altered. That altered state can then react with molecules in the immediate area and a biochemical reaction occurs. That reaction yields certain end products and the original biochemicals of the reaction themselves are changed in the process of the reaction and the combinations of changes that occur are automatic and occur with blinding speed. The results are incredible to behold and would you believe it if you never heard about it before?

Why don’t all animals and living things do that? It’s a matter of genetics and what genes are causing what things to happen.

Sight is another such incredible phenomenon. A photon of energy (electromagnetic waves are defined as photons of energy because science has no other way of describing it) goes through the lens of the eye, strikes the retina and alters the biochemicals in the retina. We know the photon is altered by the lens. (It cannot pass through without being altered somehow. The mere bending and focusing of light is indication of alteration.) When the photon strikes the retina, we ultimately see.

The number of photons that strike the retina during vision is uncountable and unimaginably huge in number. That the receptors immediately cause vision is not something you could describe to someone who has never had sight and none of any living thing he ever knew had sight. There would be no common vocabulary to explain “sight” to someone who never had any inkling of the phenomenon and so never developed any vocabulary for it.

We take sight for granted. When we analyze the biochemistry that gives us sight, we are awed by the majesty of the phenomenon.

If animals are sensitive to electromagnetic waves of certain wavelengths and react very differently than we do to the same wavelengths, how is that possible? Why don’t we change the color of our skin when the background changes? We know our skin color can be changed by sunlight.

It’s a matter of receptors and the biochemical reactions that occur. And, it’s much more than that. It’s truly a matter of turning on the genes that activate the receptors. The receptors stop functioning if they are not always stimulated by the activator molecules. Biochemistry never stops so any and all biochemicals that are in the body systems – or in any system on the planet – will continue to react with other biochemicals. Those biochemicals that function as (or stimulate) receptors must constantly be made and the genes that make them have to repeatedly be stimulated to action.

In order for an organism to maintain its gene pool functioning within its body, it must supply that system with the proper nutrients. If you do not give your body the nutrients needed to keep the DNA turned on, it will turn off and those biochemicals that were programmed to be made by that gene will no longer be made as it was designed to happen.

 Starvation turns off DNA because the proper nutritional combinations are no longer there to turn on the DNA. When that happens, the biochemicals that keep our systems functioning well are no longer there to maintain health of the systems. When enough of the deprivation has occurred, the systems will no longer be able to function as designed and may even stop functioning entirely. It is the reason starvation causes death.

On the other hand, nutritional combinations that have never been introduced to the human body may turn on DNA that has never been functional; lying dormant; waiting for the specific set of biochemicals that will turn them on.

When that happens, we may find that we do indeed have receptors that are sensitive to cosmic rays; receptors that have always been there but needed the molecules engineered by the never-before-operating DNA. Now that the DNA is making those molecules, the receptors will become activated and now, when cosmic rays strike our body (as they always do), the sequence of reactions will begin and the final result will be . . . will be . . . what?

Exactly what will we be able to do that we cannot now do? If you said something like be able to see to someone who never before heard of sight, it would seem outlandish and impossible.

To say that cosmic rays will cause us to become invisible or fly is also outlandish but not beyond the realm of possible if we gain control of our bodies as other animals seem to be able to do. What if cosmic rays carried information from beyond our planet and we become able to recognize them as such? What if cosmic rays are being sent to us from other civilizations, just waiting for us to respond? And, when we ingest the nutritional formulations that activate the cosmic ray receptors, we can understand the messages being carried in those rays.

What if other nutritional formulations enable us to activate receptors that are sensitive to the electromagnetic waves that emanate from someone else’s brain? We can then interpret the thoughts of others at will (by ingesting the special nutritional combination) and communicate telepathically.

And, if we can alter the negative and positive charges in our bodies and align them properly, we can use gravitational forces to fly. No wings. No fuel. No limits.

And when we have turned on all of our DNA, we will have reached the pinnacle of evolution and Mankind’s time will end because man will then be as God and the return to God will have happened. The original separation will have been reversed . . . or something like that.

Genesis also tells the story of Adam and Eve. While it tells most of it, it seems to have left out some of the story. Unless you know the rest of the Bible, you won’t realize what was omitted. Then, when you insert the unsaid aspects of the story, it becomes much clearer and the adage about the Bible containing all of the answers rings ever more true.

God created the heavens and the earth.

The question then arose (no one ever says who asked the question or why) how to put the earth to good use.

God created Adam. Adam was to enjoy the earth and that was how God would put the earth He just made to use. But the Bible says it was not the Adam as you think of Adam; as a human form; male.

When there is no female, there cannot be a male. There must be a comparison somewhere for anything to have a place or value. So, Adam was without gender.

 The Adam that was created – made in the image of God – was all ethereal and zero corporeal. The only part of our being that is in the image of God is our minds. Some may call that our spirit or essence or soul – or whatever name suits you.

God then noticed that Adam (the spiritual entity) was lonely. So, knowing what was coming, he gave Adam a human form and from him made Eve; both human forms. It was necessary to create a human body in order for Adam and Eve to be able to enjoy and savor the earth in all of its attributes. Without the human body, there is no sensation of taste or the ability to smell or touch. The body was necessary and its creation – its incredible intricacies – can only be something God could design. And so it was. And all of this was new to God as well.

Their bodies were designed to enable them to move about the entire planet, carry the spiritual essence in the mind and experience earth’s wonders.

Because they now had bodies that needed nourishment, they needed to eat. Nutrition in the Garden of Eden was perfect and that perfect nutrition kept all of the DNA turned on, as it was from the outset. Adam and Eve were in human form but endowed with all of the capabilities and attributes of God’s ethereal being.

However, they ate an apple and that did something to their DNA. It gave them greater insight and they knew nakedness. It was an unexpected happening; unexpected even to God. There had never been nakedness because there had never been human bodies. All animals were naked and they didn’t seem to mind.

They were banished from the Garden and were no longer able to access perfect nutrition. That was the second part of The Separation (see A Course in Miracles); the first part being the taking on of human form. Without perfect nutrition, all of their DNA could not be biologically turned on and some became dormant; turned off.

Once Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden, they went downward from perfect.

The apple has over 8,000 different nutrients. These, along with the rest of the foods one eats, gives abilities to humans that became apparent after eating the apple. The fact that Adam and Eve were in human form is inherent proof that they were different from their 100% ethereal forms. There was no such concept of nakedness as ethereal beings so knowledge of it had to be a new thing.

Adam and Eve were also given free will which opened the possibilities – and subsequent reality – that humans did and said things that were surprising even to God.

Beavers build dams; animals use tools, hunt in teams and display many of the qualities of humans. The ability to create is ours and is God’s. Other beings create but not at the level nor degree that humans do. Another of our attributes is free will so we can create with abandon. And some of those creations will be new to God and us.

When God created the Universe, it was new to Him and although He had total control over the things of the Universe, He did not have such control over Man because Man had free will and the ability to be creative.

  Don’t ask about God not knowing beforehand that Adam would be lonely and being surprised that now He had to find him a mate. Was Eve not part of the original plan? If God knew about Eve, He would have made Eve immediately and would have put both Adam and Eve into human form from the start. And why didn’t He know about the snake and apple thing? That’s because this creation of God’s was new to Him as well. (Although there are concepts that say that Adam and Eve were initially together as a single entity.)

Without newness, there is boredom and there must be an equivalent of boredom at God’s level. We now realize that God may not be omniscient regarding new things; things like Man. And was creating Adam an afterthought or did God have it blueprinted from the outset? And why didn’t God know that an ethereal form could not fully enjoy the earth? Why create the intermediate step of the spiritual form?

The body was made as a machine to carry the mind and to enable Adam and Eve to enjoy God’s creation (Earth) to the fullest. One cannot really appreciate life on earth without a human-like body. It’s possible that whales think the same thing about their bodies and the oceans in which they live.

Once beyond the boundaries of the Garden of Eden, illness was possible. We get sick because of our diet; not that the foods we eat cause problems but that the foods we eat are not sufficient to turn on enough DNA to keep us 100% healthy. When nutrition input is low, DNA is not being turned on and DNA must continually be stimulated to function. Otherwise, the DNA is considered to be turned off.

As more and more DNA turns off, fewer and fewer of our body systems can function as designed. Hence, we become ill with chronic afflictions like diabetes, arthritis and others. We also can fluctuate in illness patterns (cold, etc.) as we fluctuate in the food intake patterns we establish for ourselves. Some foods can disrupt systems.

When Adam and Eve were created and in the Garden of Eden, they were not originally in human body form. Only later where they transformed. Originally, they were made in God’s own image and God is not human in form. Adam and Eve were spiritual – all mind. Mind and brain are not the same. Brain has substance and is organic. Mind has no substance and is all ethereal.

When they were expelled from The Garden of Eden, they were in the second phase of The Separation mode and were corporeal. The first phase was their transformation into human form and the second phase of The Separation was their expulsion from The Garden of Eden.

While they were spiritual and in The Garden of Eden, they did not need food. Transformation into a human resulted in part of God (the mind) being carried by part of not-God (the body). Without having their sensitivities of the body, they could not experience the earth in its totality because they would not have the sensations of, for example, taste and touch. That attribute of special sensitivities came with the necessity to eat; emphasizing the concept that every therapy has its price.

Here is one possible sequence of events:

  1. God made heaven and earth.
  2. God made Adam – spiritually only.
  3. Adam gets lonely.
  4. God transforms Adam into a human.
  5. God makes human-form Eve.

  Then, the apple incident.

  1. Banishment. With banishment came loss of perfect nutrition and, so, loss of 100% DNA function. DNA needs nutrients to maintain a turned-on state. No nutrients means the DNA lapses into non-function and the God qualities of the mind (and, by extension, the body) decreased over time outside of The Garden of Eden until we became who we are. Hence, evolution from the Garden of Eden to the present has not been one of enhancements but one of decline. At one point, we again began to access better nutrition and some of the enhancements returned. In order to regain all of those God qualities of the mind (now being carried by the body), perfect nutrition as was in the Garden of Eden would be needed.

    Additional Insights Concerning DNA and Nutrition

    The concept of nutrition being the source of DNA function can likely find influence in the formation of the zygote. The male sperm and female egg unite and each contributes their DNA to the zygote. However, they also contribute their intracellular fluids and it is the intracellular fluid that is the direct source of nutrients for DNA.

    If we examine what is in the intracellular fluids of the gametes before union and the intracellular fluid after union, we may begin to understand how the intracellular fluid is stocked in relation to nutrient-activation of the DNA. It may be the reason couples cannot conceive. Sperm and egg may unite but intracellular nutrients are nutritionally insufficient.

    How can the same group of people from a family unit whose members often eat similar foods be so different from each other? How can an ethnic group that often eats similar foods be so different from each other within the group? It’s all a matter of which DNA is turned on. Because there is a range of expressions in the DNA (yielding varying phenotypes), that a specific section of the DNA code is activated by the same nutrition combination means that the DNA that controls height can be similarly turned on in more than one person and get different height results. Their “height” DNA has been turned on but the DNA sequences are not quite the same so different heights are achieved. And a specific attribute may require a combination of DNA codes to operate in sequence.

    Look at a specific group of people and correlate them to their foods. Look at another group and do the same correlation. And then another group; and another. And then take a group of people and place them in the other food intake arena, as has been done with Asian people coming over to The United States. Suddenly (within only a generation or two), they are taller and also have negatives like heart disease and cancer. The DNA Turn-Ons have been altered resulting in different expressions of the human form. It may mean that height DNA has a number of correlating nutrition combinations that can affect the DNA in different ways – but all in the height DNA group.

    We see the same thing happen in agriculture and animal husbandry. By changing the intake of nutritional combinations, we change the DNA that is functioning and the ranges of things that can happen within the same elements of DNA manifestation are apparent – and possibly fantastic.


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    “Current thinking cannot carry us through great times . . . and great times are ahead.”