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Here you will find the articles, science and knowledge you will need to substantiate that the new concepts, insights, ideas and thought patterns which you find here – the mindset that constitutes the new paradigm – is quite valid.

American Health

How much longer can the health professions continue to hear the grim health statistics and not do something significant about them?

70% of 12-year-olds already have some form of arterial disease
85% of all illnesses have a major malnutrition component and nutrition is the element most absent from treatment considerations.
 3)  60% of adults are obese (and many children as well) and the numbers are rapidly increasing.

One might expect the medical community to take leadership in an effective move to abolish the stench of ill health that pervades and is growing among our population. Instead, the impetus for proper and direct action is coming from the dental profession as a grass roots movement.

It has been forced to become a grass roots movement because the American Dental Association balks at the changes required in the practice of dentistry.

Changes are most definitely needed. The greatest change is shifting the focus from health care to health.

One should not confuse state of the art with state of technology. In dentistry, the state of technology is pixels, flat panels and digitalization. However, the state of the art has not changed since the early 1800’s. It was – and remains – focused on teeth and gums.

There are two standards of care in dentistry; that which is taught and that which is practiced. They are quite different; frighteningly so. Whereas the professional school teaches (and the law demands; and morals dictate; and reason suggests) to address the person as a whole, barely is such a concept paid even lip service in practice. To merely provide a mechanical fix is the response of the technician. The response of a doctor is quite different, especially to astonishing findings. It is the difference in response to the same findings that determines the level of care one receives. The response of a doctor is notably more advantageous for the patient and more indicative of the crucial doctor-patient relationship.

If you awoke with a hole in your leg, would you be alarmed? Of course you would. A hole in your tooth should sound the same alarm bells because no body part is designed to develop holes and when the hardest structure in your body (tooth enamel) turns into a soft, smelly, decayed mass, the response of the technician is to fill the hole and move on to the next tooth; but the response of the doctor is to understand that such destruction is a glaring sign that something is wrong. Many biological systems of the body have to go awry for such destruction to occur. And, because we know the intimate relationship between the mouth and the rest of the body, whatever destruction we see in the mouth, rest assured that similar things are happening elsewhere in the body. It’s just that it’s so much easier to see inside your mouth than your knee or kidney or lung.

Over the past several generations (spanning about 90 years), America has been getting its nutrition advice and guidance from the dietitians and nutritionists. The result is an America of fat thighs, fat bellies, fat asses and enormous health care bills because of a massive population that is not well and getting sicker rapidly. What will come to haunt us is the quote:

“An ill population cannot sustain a great nation.”

Since 85% of all illnesses have a major malnutrition component to them, the nutrition guidance we’ve been given is either erroneous or so difficult to implement that it’s useless. In fact, it’s been a combination of the two faults and we can no longer afford to follow the leadership that has sent us into a downward health spiral and caused us to be caught in a vortex from which it is becoming increasingly difficult to extricate ourselves.

New leadership can lead us to a healthier America. Nutrition at the doctor level is vastly different from the dietitian and nutritionist. Because of that difference, results are typically outstanding.

“Can you imagine what a healthy American population can accomplish!”

One of the prevailing strategies is to contact police and firefighters, the clergy, health clubs and teacher unions because health issues can be focused at those levels with specific structure.

The stress under which police and firefighters exist is inconceivable to anyone not in their ranks. They constantly put themselves between us and harm and are always ready to jump to our defense.

Again and again, we can point to poor nutrition as the basis for malfunctioning of body parts. The result of any stress is a depletion of nutrients – often rapid – and this dearth of adequate biochemical supplies causes malfunctions in the biological systems with the ultimate production of signs or symptoms.

We don’t think God makes design errors; certainly not on a wholesale basis. The factory-installed equipment with which we were all born was designed extremely well. Our body systems were well designed so if they fail, it’s not because of design error; it’s because they do not have the proper fuel (nutrients) to allow them to do what they already know how to do.

Since biochemistry never stops, if the correct molecules are not there, the wrong ones will be picked up and the system will not function as it was designed to function; because part of the design was the need to use the proper variety of fuels. Your diet must be adequate to supply the needs of the system. It’s a nutrition problem.

Also know that “Vitamins” constitute only a tiny portion of all the nutrients one needs on a daily basis. And, one’s requirements change from day to day and often from hour to hour. In order for a substance to be called a “Vitamin,” it must undergo a series of rigorous, expensive and time consuming scientific testing and analyses. It is far too costly to do that for all of the substances needed to sustain life. There are tens of thousand of such nutrients in the foodstuffs we eat (phytochemicals) and if each were isolated and so tested, it will be found that each is a “Vitamin” though it is likely that some can substitute for others.

To be called a “Vitamin,” the item must be identified, isolated, removed from the diet;

a disease must ensue, the item replaced in the diet and the induced disease eliminated.

Supplements, therefore, should not be made of Vitamins alone because that indicates that the person prescribing such a “remedy” is not aware of the entire picture. In addition, nutrient supplements are divided into two categories: Those that are supported by science and those that are supported by Madison Avenue hype and advertising. Aware practitioners advocate those supported by science. In addition, it is critical to read The Real Truth About Vitamins and Antioxidants by Judith DeCava. This heavily documented book is already in its fifth printing. We liken it to Upton Sinclair’s book from the early 1900’s about the meat packing industry (The Jungle) that exposed filthy practices and caused a major change in the industry standards.

DeCava’s book is a scary read. It describes the problems with fractionated, synthetic supplements; how they cause an imbalance in the body and expose the fact that synthetics are NOT the same as the natural substance. We found it interesting that 98% of all of the tocopherols taken by Americans as “Vitamin E” (it isn’t Vitamin E at all) is made by Eastman Kodak in Rochester NY. The same is true of ascorbic acid (erroneously and misleadingly sold as Vitamin C) although it is not Eastman Kodak but Roche labs in this case.

Anytime you see something that should not be that way, it’s a sign from the body that biological systems are not functioning as they should for if they were, you wouldn’t see that or feel that. For example, a healthy tongue is pink. Hence, if you have a green coating on your tongue (or yellow or brown or orange, etc.), it tells you that something is wrong. Yet, blood and urine tests may well be WNL (within normal limits).

Of course, nobody is perfect and after many years of such evaluations, we have never found anyone who was perfect. We can always find something wrong with everyone. However, of the 30 items we evaluate, if someone shows us 2 or 3 or 4 of them, we are not getting the same story as the person who shows us 21 of the 30. Also, some things are much more indicative than others and some much more crucial than others. Also, some combinations are more telltale. And, still, laboratory tests may be WNL!

After considering the findings, the resulting evaluation provides insights and information that has never before been available. One can use the results to detect problems in the biological systems before they are detected by blood or urine analyses. By the time the problem gets so bad that those body fluids are altered, a great deal more damage will have been done.

The new evaluation is the epitome of early detection. It requires no equipment and is powered by the essence of science: keen observation with a trained eye and deft interpretation by an educated mind.

Although our lifespan may be increasing, it is too true that the latter years are unnecessarily filled with illness, disease and the ravages of infirmity. One of the growing-more-popular foundational concepts is:

Older, Yes.     Sicker, No.

Within every congregation, one can see the devastation of illness and how it affects the entire family dynamic. The clergy is often more easily allowed into the people’s minds and spirits and can likely stimulate the people to adopt new approaches, especially if the new is easy, reasonable and widely beneficial, exactly the constructs of the new oral examination.

Health Clubs are a natural to help pass along the information that needs to be disseminated. Members are primed to adjustments and committed to improving themselves. The methodologies promoted here fit right in with an individual’s commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

We single out the teachers of our nation because they have the awesome responsibility of teaching our young, the most precious resource we have. They can set the stage and develop our children’s mindset so they become aware of the easy approach to health and well being. Teaching The 7 Simple Signs of Low Nutritional Status is a fundamental element.

What are these concepts that promise to free our nation from the grips of nutrition-based afflictions? Before we can make any changes and bring about any solutions, the problem must be recognized by the public on two levels: as a nation and as an individual; and the second is the more crucial for success.

One of the projects that will be used to affect such awareness is to have The 7 Simple Signs of Low Nutritional Status become part of the American lexicon; displayed in all health care facilities; hung on corporate walls; and taught to our young in our schools.

One should not have any of these 7 signs.

Although corrective surgery and emergency medicine in America are far and away much better than anywhere else on the planet, the rest of the health care protocol is a dismal failure.

The New Oral Examination

This is an exciting new kind of dental examination and the key and crucial aspect that transforms dentistry. This examination requires no new equipment, adds just 2 minutes to the dentist’s regular examination, does not require any lab tests, reveals everything the dentist’s regular examination reveals plus:

It detects biological problems before they appear in blood or urine. By the time the problems advance to the point where they distort those lab tests, much more destruction has been done and the road to recovery is going to be longer, more expensive and less likely.

It detects biological problems before they are detected by routine medical examination. This places the dentist in a new position on the health care ladder and allows the dentist to fill the void left by the old-time family physician. Good, long-term general and oral health are now available through Oral Medicine.

It determines the patient’s nutritional status, something that cannot be done by any physician, dietitian, nutritionist or hospital. This is a critical determination; especially pre-operatively because one’s nutritional status is the summation of the body’s ability to fend off the negative effects of stress.

The stress on the body during an operation is considerable and is the reason the body sometimes reacts negatively on the operating table (heart attack, stroke, systems shut down and sometimes death).

If one knows the patient’s nutritional status beforehand, one knows if the patient is a high or low risk. If the nutritional status is low, that patient is a high risk and the procedure for that high risk patient can be postponed and the risk level addressed. The dentist can readily learn how to easily lower the risk. Before the new examination, no such determination was ever made because no one knew how to do it. Now, a simple referral to the dentist can supply that crucial information. The legal ramifications of not doing so can be significant now that access to that determination is so readily available.

This opens a stream of new patients to those dentists who provide this examination and that can be a welcome event in some dental offices.

The realm of nutrient supplements is out of control. In fact, the entire field of nutrition is without leadership and we expect the dentist to step in and take control and leadership because of the power of the new oral examination and the esoteric knowledge the dentist has about nutrition.

It’s interesting to note that of a dentist’s entire professional education, only about 20% of the information was about fixing teeth, the dentist’s mechanical training. The other 80% represents an abundance of knowledge about the secrets of the human body to which very few people on the planet are privy. These secrets include why we get sick and how we stay healthy. It’s that 80% that separates the doctor from the technician.

There are, basically, 2 classes of nutrient supplements, those supported by Madison Avenue hype and advertising and those supported by rock-solid science. While you may have heard about the Madison Avenue supplements because of their widespread advertising, the supplements that have been shown by science to truly be the ones that help the most are not advertised.

As a doctor, it’s mandatory that any advice given to a patient be based on science and that narrows the options, eliminating the category that includes Centrum, One-A-Day, Flintstones and almost all the others you know.

Sometimes, pseudoscience tries to upstage real science. True nutritional science is a careful, deliberate methodology that has evaluated only a few of the many individual nutrients; tracked them and determined what they actually do in the body. Even that is not what we really need; but all we have at that level – even in the 21st century.

The understanding that the true and complete practice of dentistry is much more than the mere transactions of fixing teeth & gums gives dentists a new power and influence and thrusts the dentist to the forefront of the health care industry.

We look at the dental profession as if it were a herd of animals. Once going, it’s very difficult to get them to change direction. However, when they do change, they all change. This is what will happen once the new concepts become known because it will be hard for a doctor hear them, go back to his office, continue to do the things he has always done and still think he is doing right by his patient. But what if the patient also heard these things?

The ramifications of the transformation of the dental profession are quite staggering. Much of the stun comes from the ease with which it can be accomplished.

The financial and human changes include making America 50% healthier – easily. With a current, yearly health care bill of more than $2 trillion, we can redirect $½ trillion each year (money no longer needed for the ill because they are no longer ill) to other needs: rebuilding city infrastructure, saving social security, increasing police and firefighters, redesigning our failing education system, funding research so we can claim the promises of the 21st century, providing comfort and dignity for the elderly and decreasing our staggering national debt.

One of the things planned is to get into corporations and make their workforces healthier. A healthier workforce raises bottom line profits because every aspect of the business enterprise is simultaneously enhanced. Business systems work smoother, more fluidly and with fewer faults because workers are less contentious, able to focus better and their thinking is clearer and sharper with an increased intent to cooperate. If business systems are well designed, they will accomplish the goals they were designed to achieve. It’s done at low risk with an impressive ROI; quite appealing to the CEO or anyone responsible for the success of a business.

By expanding the benefits across America – from the mom and pop endeavor to large corporations – all businesses will be raised as the rising tide lifts all boats.

“Can you imagine what a healthy American population can accomplish!” 


A Solution To Most – Not All – Of America’s
Most Pressing Problems

 It all comes down to responsibility and who will carry it.

There are major and growing problems we face on a daily basis:

  • We are a nation of great wealth and much ill health. We spend an exorbitant portion of our wealth on health care. Our population is overweight and, although our life span has increased, more of our latter years are filled with disease, deterioration of both body and spirit, and disability from infirmity.
  • The infrastructure of our cities is crumbling because we do not have the funds to refabricate the roads, bridges, tunnels, sewage, water and power systems.
  • Our school systems are not educating our children and our young are the most precious resource we have.
  • Police and firefighters can never be paid what they’re worth but we cut back on our payments to them.
  • Our senior citizens are trapped between paying for drugs or paying for food.
  • Money for research and exploration is dwindling and it is research and exploration that will bring us to the next levels.

Americans now spend nearly $3 trillion on health care yearly

  • Our lives are filled with chronic problems that medicine cannot successfully address.
  • We spend more money on health care in the last few years of our lives than we do during the entire rest of our lives.
  • Our health care system has doctors revolting against it.
  • Our health care system finds patients vociferously complaining about it
  • The war against cancer is lost. More people now get cancer than before.
  • 85% of all illnesses are nutritionally based and nutrition is the single most absent consideration in all doctors’ treatment plans.
  • 60% of all adults and 25% of our children are either overtly obese or significantly overweight and the numbers are rapidly rising.
  • 70% of 12-year-olds already have some form of arterial disease.

 We can change the focus from health care to health. By recognizing and fostering the understanding that health is our primary ally and ill health is a waste and drag and constant obstacle that stands in our way of enjoying and achieving successes in family life, business and social endeavors, we see the glaring need to change the direction of our thoughts and actions.

  • We can change our food supply. Beginning with the proper care and restoration of our severely depleted soils and then to include the elimination of denatured, devitalized foods and get rid of the processes that remove critical nutritional elements, we can provide a food intake culture that emphasizes intelligent support of our biological systems.
  • We can take responsibility for our environment and fill the grocery store shelves with foods that support health.
  • We can eliminate methodologies that cause problems and invigorate those that are desirable. Our medical care system is superb when it comes to emergency medical care but dismal in the treatment of chronic afflictions like diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular disease and hosts of others.

The solution is simple. We need to better feed ourselves. We need to supply quantities of wholesome foods and do away with those foods from which the nutritional support entities have been removed.

We need to supply nutritional supplementation based on gold standard medical research and science; not on advertising, testimonials and pseudoscience.

We need to establish a new level of health and do away with an antiquated, never-really-did-work-well system of doctoring. Instead of fixing it when the body breaks down, we should endeavor to maintain it in good working order. All of this can happen if we just take the steps needed to make it happen.

Beginning in our schools, the removal of ready access to candy and soda is as easy as removing those things from the vending machines and replacing them with fruits and smart foods.

Also in the schools, changing the lunches served to ones that support health will have a substantial positive impact on the student population. In those schools where they actually did those things, vandalism went down, scholastic scores increased and athletic achievements also improved.

It has been postulated that healthy students will have a better image of themselves (better teeth and gums, less illness, nicer looking skin, not being as fat, having sharper minds) and this higher self esteem will be instrumental in decreasing the drug abuse that is constantly rising among our young.

The question has been asked: “Can you imagine what a healthy American population can accomplish?”

The money saved from no longer needing drugs and medications and no longer needing extreme and lengthy – but usually fruitless – lifesaving efforts; money no longer needed for the ill because they are no longer ill, will, instead, be used to rebuild our cities, educate and protect us, propel us into the future with the miracles of science, feed the hungry and shelter the needy. The money spent on health care today can be dramatically reduced; ½ trillion dollars every year can be redirected to make sure our police and firefighters are appreciated, our teachers are acknowledged, our young are nourished and our senior citizens are dignified.

The Crucial and Ignored Role
Nutrition Plays in Orthodontic Therapy

Typically, those undergoing orthodontic therapy are children between the ages of 9 and 16; teenagers for the most part. This population is widely known for being subject to stresses that are truly dramatic. Such elements include sibling rivalry, peer pressure, the anxieties of school, the multiple and varied exposures to the real world, the impact of raging hormones and the uncountable stress factors of growing up.

When, to that mix, one adds the constant, 24/7 stresses that are placed on the highly influential stomatognathic (mouth and jaw) system during orthodontic therapy, it becomes incumbent upon the doctor to address the patient’s nutritional status; something that is rarely done; more rarely done assiduously, and still more rarely done on an evidence-based foundation.

The biologic result of stress is the depletion of nutrients. In addition to the acknowledged high levels of stress, this population (teenagers) is also known to have the worst diets and eating habits, especially if they live in industrialized countries that offer the sludge of fast foods, processed foods, denatured foods and a plethora of non-foods.

We can only guess at the harm that’s done when growing bodies and minds do not have the nutrients needed to assure that growth and maturation occcur as they were planned to occur. It has been found that the environment (meaning one’s inner environment) is much more crucial to the end result than genetics.

NOTE: The reason a patient is a high or low risk on the operating table is that operations are inherently very stressful to the body and stress depletes nutrients – often very rapidly! If your nutritional status is low, you do not have the nutrient supply you need to fend off the negative effects of stress. Your body systems require nutrients to function properly and if they do not have them, they will malfunction. Things that can go wrong on the operating table (assuming the doctors and nurses did everything well – as is usually the case) include: heart attack, stroke, systems shut down, and death.

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