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Here you will find the events we have scheduled.

 They may include seminars for doctors, lectures for the public

and special presentations for corporations and larger groups.

Our success is based on networking so

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A new facility has opened on New York’s Long Island (The Long Beach Hotel) that will be the Mecca for training dentists and their staffs for success in this new era. This 120-room hotel has 2 full kitchens and can comfortably accommodate 300 people for seminars. Dentists (with their staffs) from all around the country are expected to travel to it to upgrade their practices as never before so they are distinguished and set above and apart from all other dental offices that remain mired in the mid-1800’s way of thinking. Although they may have state of the science dental offices based on pixels, flat panels and digitalization, their mindset remains stuck in the outdated and under-serving state of the art “teeth & gums” mode that no longer holds up to scrutiny.

Seminars at the hotel include:

1. Instruction on how to place implants using 3D imaging data

2. The new procedures and approaches of the new era that relate to the oral examination, periodontal disease and nutrition.

3. Conformance to the new coding requirements for these new (and other) dental procedures that can be submitted for medical insurance coverage

The seminar fee is determined by whether or not rooms at the hotel are used for overnight stays. In general, money-saving packages are available that include rooms, meals (our food is delicious) and admission to the seminar.

Although subject to change, the standard package includes 2 rooms (one for the doctor and one for the 3-person staff), breakfast and lunch during the seminar and one dinner, either the evening before the seminar or the evening after the seminar; for all 4 people.

Additional rooms are also available for additional (but discounted) fees.

You can also just attend the seminar with your staff and enjoy our fabulous food at the included breakfast and lunch.

Study Clubs looking for special speakers and events can arrange to have W/I/A/N Industries present a seminar to their group (and any guests they invite). This presentation covers the three basic aspects of the new paradigm, coding to submit dental services to medical insurances and allows the group significant discounts because they buy as a group. The final fee depends on the location, the number of attendees and other factors.

The Long Beach Hotel in Long Beach, Long Island (NY)

Call for reservations:  (516) 544-4444

Workshops are held at The Long Beach (NY) Public Library.

Please call the library for details and schedules.

Sometimes, W/I/A/N Industries schedules a seminar in a particular city. Depending on the material covered, the fee for the seminar will vary. A full day seminar, covering all 3 major aspects of the new paradigm, including the manuals and support by telephone and e-mail currently carries a pre-paid fee of $2864 per office (one doctor, one receptionist, one hygienist and one chairside assistant). Significant group discounts are available. 

Fees for additional personnel accompanying the attending office are determined on an individual office basis.

These fees may change so please contact us for current information.

 On-Site Presentations

You can arrange to have W/I/A/N Industries present a full day presentation in your office to your staff only. This includes all manuals and full telephone and E-mail support for the office (not the guests). You can invite one or two (no more) other offices and their staffs to also attend. The more offices, the less each pays. Also, there is a limit of 15 people no matter if 1,2 or 3 offices attend.

 Webinars (pending)

There are three distinct webinars being planned onto which one can log. These cover the 3 major aspects of the new dental paradigm.

  • The W/I/A/N Industries new oral examination protocol
  • The W/I/A/N approach to treating periodontal disease
  • Nutrition at the Doctor Level
NOTE: All fees are subject to change both upward and downward so please contact us for the latest tuition costs.
 You can purchase these webinar log-ons individually or as a package (when they become available).
  • Each webinar purchased individually: $500
  • Purchase all 3 as a package:  $1200

Call us for information about the availability of these webinars and the details to access them.

Why So (Seemingly) Expensive ? ? ?

When put into practice, these concepts will provide a new foundation for the office to realize increased profits without working harder. There will be new streams of referrals from the medical profession and new streams of income from the new therapies learned. Your practice will be set apart and above those who are not trained as you will be. You will be the epitome of working smarter, not harder, something few have ever seen at work and even fewer have ever lived.

Your investment will pay for itself very quickly and then keep returning high level profits again and again and again – continuously.

Your staff will become involved as never before and the entire office team will truly function as a team because of the new philosophy of practice and new paradigm.

You will then realize that at twice the seminar fee, it would have easily been worth the cost.

There are four detailed and highly informative manuals.

1)      The W/I/A/N Periodontal Therapy Protocol: $325

2)      2013 W/I/A/ Operations Manual: $775

3)      The Oral Examination Protocol: $150

4)      Doctor-Level Nutrition: $115
  • Purchase all of them as a package: $1150

NOTE: Fees and costs may change (higher or lower) without notice so please ask for updated numbers.

Some Upcoming Events:

We were teaching Doctor-Level Nutrition at some school districts and exercise facilities. When you get into children’s mindsets early-on, they will carry that good information with them for their entire lives and they will have a better quality of life because of that information and knowledge. “Being old can be tough but being old without teeth is a nightmare.”


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