Hole in Leg – Hole in Tooth

This article represents one of the major concepts upon which the new dental paradigm is based. If you see destruction in the mouth, it means there is destruction elsewhere in the body.


 Hole In Leg – Hole in Tooth

Biochemistry Never Stops

Synopsis – We confidently introduce a new era for the dental profession (complete with details) that will elevate the dentist in the health care hierarchy, allow him to generate profits that will rival whatever his practice is currently producing (gross) and will provide services and advantages to patients that have never before been available – all strictly within the confines of any State’s dental practice act. The dentist will wield a power and influence never before conceived and, by extension and ramification, will alter the entire health care industry and America for the much better. Included is a new approach to periodontal therapy that eliminates (or reduces to insignificance) the two real causes of the disease, something the profession has, unbelievably, never done. Without the causes, there can be no disease.

One of the most obvious circumstances of human life – and all life – is that: biochemistry never stops. No matter what your circumstance, no matter where you are, your body continues to function; even after death.

Over the years, science has changed its estimate of how many different microbes live in our mouths and from a few hundred to, now, 700, make our mouths a prime example of symbiotic life. For all of these creatures to survive without causing damage to us, means they all must live in harmony, in harmony with us, as yet another biologic entity.

One of the major problems is the arrogance we have about who and what we are and the failure to properly recognize that we are only biological beings on this earth. While it may be true (may be true) that we are the only ones who can think at the levels we think and seem to be the only ones that can create at the levels we create, it is also true that each biological creature has multiple complex enzyme systems that function without regard to whatever philosophical accoutrements we ascribe.

When scientists speak about the causation of dental caries, they always mention diet. When dentists speak about the causation of dental caries they mention sugar. Diet is much more complex than sugar intake and “nutrition” is yet more complicated than diet but dentists have never been trained to think beyond the 3rd grade formula food + bacteria = acid and acid dissolves enamel.

Doctors can think on a much more sophisticated level; an enzymatic level; a molecular level; an atomic and subatomic level. But that’s not their paradigm and that is not really their fault but the fault of their profession . . . and that brings up the very large and sticky point of responsibility. When no one is directly named and the responsibility is placed on an organization or the organization’s leadership (think United States Congress or Senate), it’s like blowing smoke in the wind.

However, when the individual doctor must be responsible for his thoughts, direct treatment, advice and guidance given the patient, it seems that merely filling the hole and moving on to the next tooth (today’s era) without recognizing that many enzyme systems must malfunction in order for such destruction to occur is something that must be corrected – right now.

And that is the essence of this article, to bring that awareness to the individual dentist and the public and change the era.

If you awoke with a hole in your leg, you’d be alarmed. A hole in your tooth should sound the same alarm bells because no body part is designed to develop holes and when the hardest structure in the body (tooth enamel) turns into a soft, smelly, decayed mass, it’s blatant evidence that something is very wrong. Unfortunately, today’s dentist is deaf to those alarm bells because his training does not include such thinking. He’s seen dental caries so often in such a different set of thought patterns that he has fallen into that tyranny of routine he’s been told is satisfactory; even acceptable; even appropriate. He is much smarter than that.

In fact, of the dentist’s entire professional education, only about 20% of the information learned has to do with fixing teeth. That’s the technical, mechanical training. The other 80% is what separates the doctor from the technician. That 80% contains the secrets of the human body; why it gets sick and how it stays well. That 80% is shelved and forgotten once the shingle is hung and practice begins. Hence, the entire dental profession is built solely on the 20%. That brings up many problems for both the profession and the patients.

When the forgotten 80% is brought into the practice of dentistry, the practice of dentistry changes dramatically because the essence of science is brought to the forefront. The essence of science is: keen observation with a trained eye and deft interpretation with an educated mind. The essence of science is called Quin’talano.

What should the doctor think if he understands that biochemistry never stops? Because he’s been schooled knowing nutrition at the enzymatic level* (esoteric knowledge to which few people on the planet are privy), he can appreciate certain truths.

He knows that reactions will continue whether or not they are properly fueled. He knows that an errant reaction will occur if the right nutrients are not in place at the right time in the correct quantities. He knows that improper reactions have biochemical sequelae down the biochemical reaction chain and he knows that the complexity of such biochemistry is likely beyond anyone’s ken.**

The upshot is that he really does know that the causative factor of dental caries is much more than sugar intake. He may, in fact, remember that the leucine to isoleucine equation required Vitamin C and that reaction is critical in the proper fabrication of collagen, an integral aspect of the periodontium.

So, when a dentist sees dental caries and addresses it merely as a hole-filling technician, we think a era shift is required and the dentist should react to this notable destruction as a doctor; and a doctor’s reaction is very different from the technician’s.

Although the mechanical fix is mandatory, to not address the cause is, we think, culpable. But the blame can be said to be in the paradigm – if one is looking for a defense for the doctor.

When a patient presents with wholesale destruction of the oral structures (teeth and periodontium) and the dentist charges tens of thousands of dollars to rehabilitate the mouth purely with mechanics – and does so impressively well – what is to be said about never addressing the causes of such destruction? Isn’t it probable that the same causes will continue and the destruction will repeat?

In the following pages, we will discuss the causes and how to address them successfully; meaning that the causes will be stopped or diminished to insignificance. This would assure the longevity of the repairs and make the patient’s investment a more reliable move. Should the causes not be addressed, it does not bode well for the durability of final results but, more crucially, such inaction highlights another concept that must be understood.

The oral destruction one sees is not to be considered isolated to the mouth. To think that such destructive processes are happening only in the oral cavity is a naive thought pattern because the mouth is only one part of the body. True, we can much more easily see inside the mouth than we can the liver or knee or intestines or adrenal gland; and that gives us a magnificent diagnostic advantage and valuable insight that should not be overlooked.

As an example of that power, Harvard Medical School studies have shown that people with fewer teeth live fewer years. More detailed inspection of the oral cavity can find additional evidence of destruction and the links between that destruction and other afflictions are constantly being noted in more and more journal articles.

There are two new things we bring to the dental profession:

1. We will be able to funnel through the individual dental practices the many hundreds of millions of dollars Americans currently pay the nutrition industry.

2. We have a new method of treating periodontal disease that eliminates (or reduces to insignificance) the 2 real causes of the disease and without the causes the disease cannot exist.

These new concepts lead to accessing $½ trillion each year for rebuilding city infrastructure, redesigning our failing education system, increasing police and firefighting protection, assuring a dignified life for our elderly and other of our nation’s pressing needs; money no longer needed for the ill because they are no longer ill.

And those are merely the peripherals. The real benefits are much loftier, much more foundational and go to the heart of America’s future.

First, let’s remember that: “An ill population cannot sustain a great nation.” To that, add these facts:

  1. American health statistics are grim and rapidly becoming grave.
  2. Americans spend nearly $3 trillion yearly on health care.
  3. 85% of all illnesses have a major malnutrition component.
  4. Nutrition is the single most influential element in all of health care and the most absent from all doctors’ diagnostic and treatment considerations.

    Now, consider this
    : Over the past several generations (spanning about 90 years), America has gotten its nutrition advice and guidance almost exclusively from dietitians and nutritionists. Since 85% of all illnesses have a major malnutrition component and America is in a downward health spiral, it is rather obvious that whatever we have been told is either erroneous or so difficult to implement that it is useless. In fact, it’s both. It is no longer wise to follow as we have been doing.

You can be comforted by this: There is a new approach called nutrition at the doctor level. Doctor-Level Nutrition is vastly different from the dietitian and nutritionist varities. Because of that difference, results are typically outstanding.

Here is the overriding concept: We can easily and verifiably make America 50% healthier within 18 months; thereby freeing up $½ trillion each year, money already being spent only now redirected to other areas of need.

Keep these facts in mind.
An undeniable, high science/low tech methodology has been developed that enables the specially trained dentist to:

A.  Take command and control of the leaderless nutrition industry

  1. Currently, physicians pay nutrition little attention
  2. Managed care looks the other way
  3. Insurance won’t pay a dime for it.
  4. Nutritionists can be anyone with little or no training
  5. Dietitians know very little about the human body.

B. Eliminate (or reduce to insignificance) the 2 causes of periodontal disease and without the causes, there can be no disease. The dental profession never did this and is the reason periodontal disease has never been conquered.

  1. It is very hard (almost impossible) to believe but the truth is that the dental profession never properly or adequately addresses the causes of the disease. Of the 2 causes, they address one woefully and the other not at all.

Ramifications of these new dentists’ abilities are stunning to contemplate and here are a few:

  • The dentist can now accurately and scientifically determine if a person will be a high or low risk on the operating table, something no one else can really do.
    This evaluation will become a de facto mandatory pre-operative procedure.
  • People will save time and money and avoid many hardships and annoyances of treatment because of the new periodontal therapy; not to mention not enduring the terrible destruction and debilitation caused by the disease.
  • Dentists will have an elevated place in the health care hierarchy, make more money than ever and wield a power and influence never before conceived while providing new and extremely valuable services.
  • However much the dentists will gain, the ones who will benefit the most will be the patients.

NOTE: A full day seminar is required to detail all of the protocols and concepts and answer the questions attendees have.

Most important of all, however, America becomes healthier. We are fully ready to stun The United States public with a low tech, highly scientific approach that will dramatically change America and allow our country to again become the leader that can bring the world to the doorstep of the 22nd century; ready for the glorious promises the future holds.

If this is truly to be the era of change and the message is that everyone must be part of the change for the desired end point to be reached, what part will the Dental profession play? Are we going to just keep doing the same things we’ve been doing or are we going to take our profession to the uppermost limits of service?

Right now, every dental office can provide all services dentistry offers – either directly in-house or by referring to easily reached and eager-to-accommodate specialists. We can predictably replace any tooth and can alter the size, shape, position and color of any and all teeth with knowingly positive outcomes. We have reached the apex of our technical capabilities and have done so with notable expertise. We might develop new cements and new hardware and enhance our computer technologies to better do what we already can do but the essence of current dental practice is repair, fix and mechanically construct; all traits of a technician and few truly preventative. Now is the time to become the kind of doctors our full training has given us the wherewithal to become. Now is the time to go beyond and above the mere excellence of mechanics.

The mark Dentistry will make in this era of change will be extraordinary because dentists will ascend to a new level in the health care hierarchy and wield power and influence never before conceived.

And, as it should be, the ones who benefit the most will be the patients.

What can happen when the other 80% slips into the practice of dentistry is nothing short of astonishing because along with it comes the illumination of the essence of science (Quin’talano): keen observation with a trained eye and deft interpretation with an educated mind.

Not only does a new approach to treating periodontal disease loom clear but the likelihood of curing that affliction by successfully addressing its real causes ─ in light of its link to so many other ailments ─ makes it probable that through the dental profession, people of America will become healthier in many dimensions beyond their mouths. And, extrapolating, it is very possible to make America 50% healthier in 18 months, thereby freeing up $½ trillion each year to be used for other of America’s needs; money no longer needed for the ill because they are no longer ill.

* Think of the equations that passed before your eyes in biochemistry class and in physiology class. Those arrows; what did they have over them? Mg, Mn, Ca, Vitamin C, etc. Those reactions could not occur properly without specific nutrients. The dentist may not know about lettuce and tomatoes but that everyday information is only one page long.

** There are approximately eight thousand different nutrients in one apple and different foodstuffs have their own thousands of nutrients. While some nutrients may substitute for others (we conject), (we also conject that) humans all need the same basic thousands of nutrients to function properly; that we all have individual and specific needs graphs that are changing every moment; and that no one really knows enough about all of the nutrients that exist or what roles they truly play in our biological systems. We do know that all of those thousands of nutrients are needed in only small quantities and that negates any megadosage theories and may, in fact, deem them detrimental. In other installments, we address these concepts and provide solutions.

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