Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
We will repeat the questions many have asked us and try to anticipate others that have yet to be asked; important and relevant questions that will arise as these new concepts are discussed and used.

Our answers will be direct, plain and to the point. Should you ever need to know more about any topic we broach, please do not hesitate in asking us. If you ask a question, chances are excellent that others would like to also know the answer.
1. What is it that you actually do?
For the purposes of this web site, what we do is, basically, 2 things. We teach dentists how to perform the new WIAN Oral Examination and we teach dentists how to treat periodontal disease so the 2 real causes are either removed or reduced to insignificance. Without the causes, the disease cannot exist.
2. Why do dentists need to learn a new examination?
The current examination – in all of its forms and variations performed by all dentists across America – focuses solely on the teeth and gums and forgets that there is a person behind the teeth. The new WIAN examination adds just 2 minutes of time to the usual examination, costs nothing extra to the patients and gives the dentists insights and information about the patients’ health that are critical to the patients’ well being; information that had never before been exposed and, so, never before considered.
3. How does that benefit the patient?
Within the contents of this web site, you’ll see the details but the short answer is: dramatically and astonishingly, highlighting the quote: “Good oral health is achieved by design. Good general health is an unavoidable consequence.”
4. How does this new examination benefit the dentist?
The new information allows the dentist to see the patient from totally different aspects revealing problems in the biologic systems before they appear in blood and urine analyses and before they are detected by routine medical examination.
The WIAN-trained dentist can then address those newly uncovered problems before they become worse and cause the known, horrendous destruction they will ultimately cause. Thus, a trade ensues. The dentist provides extremely powerful therapies that correct the maladies and the patient gladly pays for them because the treatments are so desirable.
Also, the dentist develops new patient sources because the medical community sends patients for this potent and revealing evaluation process. The result is that brand new income streams open to the dentist.
Also, the dental profession becomes something it had never been and takes an elevated position in the health care hierarchy wielding a power and influence never before conceived.
5. How is your new treatment for periodontal disease different?
As unbelievable as it may seem, of the 2 real causes of periodontal disease, dentists have never addressed them properly. One is treated woefully poorly and the other not at all. Our therapy specifically targets both and either removes them or reduces them to insignificance.Without its causes, a disease cannot exist.
6. This web site mentions nutrition as an important factor. How do you differ from everyone else when it comes to discussing nutrition?
Within this web site, you’ll find many reasons and answers to that complicated question but suffice it to say that instead of using the methods of the dietitian and nutritionist (which have not worked), we use the concepts of nutrition at the doctor level and that is vastly different from the dietitian and nutritionist. NOTE: It isn’t that the dietitians and nutritionists do not have valuable things to offer, it’s just that they fall far short in too many ways.
7. Why is nutrition so important in your approach to health?
85% of all illnesses have a major malnutrition component and nutrition – as hard as this, too, is to believe – is the single most absent item in nearly all doctors’ diagnostic and treatment considerations.
8. How is the dentist involved in nutrition?
The contents of this web site contain much more depth answering this question but here are a few points:
A. The new WIAN Oral Examination can accurately and immediately determine the patient’s nutritional strength (also called nutritional status). No physician, nutitionist or dietitian can do this.
B. Dental cavities are a dietary disease. You get cavities because of the things you eat or don’t eat.
C. Periodontal disease is caused by 2 factors: not keeping your teeth clean and low nutritional strength.
Cavities and periodontal disease are the two overwhelmingly major problems faced by dentists. Both intimately involve nutrition and, until now, nutrition was never (or very rarely) considered.
9. What are the most critical concepts this web site hopes to transmit to the American public?
The new dental paradigm we developed will make America 50% healthier within 18 months. That will free up $1/2 trillion dollars every year for us to spend on other things our country needs. This is money no longer needed for the ill because they are no longer ill.
America currently spends well over $2 trillion yearly on health care and American health statistics are grim and rapidly becoming grave.
This new paradigm will simultaneously solve the health care problem and the economic problem in America by changing the focus from health care to health through dentistry.
Such a move is a must because“An ill population cannot sustain a great nation.”
Tell those you know and your politicians to view this site.
“Can you imagine what a healthy American population can accomplish!”
One other concept we want to express is that: “Current thinking cannot carry us through great times . . . and great times are ahead.”

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