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We don’t know which is melting faster,
the arctic glaciers or our economy.

We have no idea how to prevent the glaciers from melting but we have an excellent approach to stopping our economy from leading us down the same path traveled by previous “indestructible” nations; empires that have faded from the face of the earth; disappeared into oblivion. In fact, if we do not do something other than what is being tried (throwing tons of money into a situation about which no one seems to know much), it is possible that when the 22nd century opens its doors, America will no longer exist, certainly not as a world leader.

Of course, we aren’t the academic geniuses that have gotten us into this mess but are a group of rather smart and intelligent people who see the problem from a different perspective and developed a totally rational and scientifically based solution that is hard to deny.

Its simplicity and power are obvious and its ease of implementation is, as is fond of being said today, shovel-ready.

Let us tell you the most dramatic concepts at the outset. Please be warned that your knee-jerk response will inevitably want to close your ears, your mind and any chance you have of understanding the hard facts of reality. Don’t let that happen or you will miss the excitement and revelation. Keep in mind that everything brought to your attention here encompasses the unusual combination of being based on undeniable facts; being very obvious (once made apparent); is totally ignored; and is critically important. Also know that it’s all based on the essence of science, called Quin’talano (keen observation with a trained eye and deft interpretation with an educated mind).

When completed, this section will provide details about from whence we came and where we are going. It will be our story. Every organization, group, company, business has a story. We hope you find ours interesting and stimulating enough so you will tell others about us and the reasons why we exist.

Our primary goal is to change America and one way we intend to do that is by adding to the American lexicon. The primary addition will be The 7 Simple Signs of Low Nutritional Status. We expect them to be hung from corporate walls, taught to our children in school and displayed in all health facilities. By doing this, America will come to know that a problem exists and will know this problem on the two levels needed to cause a change: the national level and the individual level.

We also want to change the status of America’s economics and rid our country of its money troubles and woes. This can be done by changing the focus of the health care scene from health care to health. From that aspect and with our powerful new protocols, America will become 50% healthier within 18 months. This will free up $½ trillion each year, money we can use for so many of our country’s needs; money no longer needed for the ill because they will no longer be ill.

“Imagine what a healthy American population can accomplish!”

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