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This is a W/I/A/N Industries web site.

 The message here is important to all of America so if you are

– or know – anyone with power to change things, read on.
This is not something you ever expected to hear so be prepared to enter new territory and be exposed to new concepts and ideas that, upon close inspection, ring very true.


Periodontal disease is very widespread in the American population. It’s estimated by The American Dental Association that 75% of the people who go to the dentist have some form of gum disease. Periodontal disease is not a disease of just the gums. It is related to some of our most devastating illnesses (see below).
By using dentistry’s new era approaches to actively treat those with periodontal disease, other diseases and ailments will also be addressed because, when one enhances the nutritional status of a patient (one of the treatment modalities needed for success against periodontal disease), the benefits of good nutrition travel throughout the body; and 85% of all illnesses have a major malnutrition component.

Within 18 months, the combination of reducing or removing the effects of periodontal disease from and upon the body and the general increased nutritional status of the population will make America 50% healthier. Thus, of the nearly $3 trillion spent yearly on health care, $½ trillion each year can be used elsewhere. This is money no longer needed for the ill because they are no longer ill.

This yearly $500 billion can be used to rebuild infrastructure; redesign our failing education system; increase police and firefighting protection; fund research so we can all enjoy the promises of the 21st century; insure that our elderly lead dignified and secure lives; and so many other needs our country sorely has.

 PLUS, imagine what a healthy

American population can accomplish!

A 21st century era shift is rapidly changing dentists’ thinking. As a result, the level of treatment they now provide to you has changed. The new advantages and benefits are numerous and valuable and eye-opening.

 The health care hierarchy has been altered and Dentistry has taken an elevated, leading, more responsible and much more powerful role.

You should definitely be aware of this new paradigm and if your dentist has not yet made the change, get a new dentist who has. The difference to you and your family’s overall health can be considerable. It will be to your benefit – to your extreme benefit – to change.

The new paradigm is fully aware of, specifically responsive to, and rests on the intimate association between the health of the mouth and the health of the rest of the body.

 The person now becomes the first focus.

Only then does the dentist consider the teeth.

No longer does the dentist treat a diseased, damaged and deteriorated mouth without first understanding the destructive and the infectious processes. Once so analyzed, it’s very difficult to ignore the findings.

 The new era makes yesterday’s dentistry look like

. . . yesterday’s dentistry.

 Here Is One of The Concepts That Define The New Era

 The single most important element is demonstrating in no uncertain terms that you, the patient, are the focus of attention and what is best for you determines what’s done.

 What has changed is the way

“what is best for you” is now determined.

It is not like it was; not even close!

What You Will See at This Web Site:

 Information about the four pillars upon which the new paradigm rests:

          1.  New Treatment For Periodontal Disease

          2.  The WIAN New Oral Examination
          3.  Nutrition at the Doctor Level

          4.  Purer Water

 Salient points of each:
1.  New Treatment for Periodontal Disease

             a.  The 2 real causes are specifically and successfully addressed

                                i.  New at-home protocol

                               ii.  New in-office treatment

              b.  Without its causes, a disease can neither sustain nor materialize.

              c.   Medical linkages have been found between periodontal disease and many serious bodywide illnesses (cancer, diabetes, pregnancy and birthing problems, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, respiratory ailments, inflammatory processes and others).
 2.  The W/I/A/N New Oral Examination – although it adds only 2 minutes of time to the dentist’s regular examination, it reveals a plethora of critical information never before gathered.

a. The evaluation process is also different; giving new and crucial meanings to the findings.

*  All of those clues ignored for all those people over so many years!!

*  All of the needless suffering; unnecessary costs; loss of time; embarrassments and avoidable destruction.
*  That will no longer happen.
3.  Doctor-Level Nutrition is vastly different from the dietitian and nutritionist varieties

a.  Nutritional Status Determination and all of the ramifications that stem from that new knowledge about the person

b.  New concepts of food and nutritional formulations

c.  New definitions of breakfast, lunch and dinner

d.  New definition of health

e.  Corpus Deterioratum

Over the past several generations (spanning about 90 years), America has gotten its nutrition advice and guidance almost exclusively from the dietitians and nutritionists. Since 85% of all illnesses have a major malnutrition component and American health statistics are grim and rapidly becoming grave, it’s rather obvious that whatever we have been told is either erroneous or so difficult to implement that it’s useless.

In fact, it’s both.

      4. Purer Water – Because the old water standard does not (and never did) hold up to scrutiny, the fact that a dramatically higher quality of water is now easily available denotes that new standard as part of the definition of the new dental paradigm.

There are also these quotations:

 “An ill population cannot sustain a great nation.”

“The focus must be changed from healthcare to health.”

“Can you imagine what a healthy American population can accomplish!”

“The only ones who can attest to the value of experience . . . are the experienced.”

“Current thinking cannot carry us through great times . . . and great times are ahead.”

“Good oral health is achieved by design.

Good general health is an unavoidable consequence.”

W/I/A/N Industries  –                “Changing The Focus

                                             From Health Care To Health”

If you write, please direct all correspondence to: Lynsey Grey, Secretary to the President

We invite you to feel free to ask us any questions you may have about any of the material and information we offer here.

You may call, write or E-mail.

The essence of this particular W/I/A/N Industries web site is to elevate the dentist and Dentistry in the health care hierarchy by giving the dentist a new importance, power and influence never before conceived. This will allow the dentist to generate incomes and profit margins that dwarf what is currently possible.

However, whatever benefits the dentist and dental profession may receive, the ones who will benefit the most – by far – are the patients.

This is done by giving the individual dentist – without the need to rely on or be beholding to a national or larger organization – the wherewithal to provide patients with new, professional-level services and advantages that cannot be obtained elsewhere; valuable benefits for which the general population will gladly pay because the obvious inherent values are so large and desirous.

In this new era, dentists play a larger role than in any previous era.

You don’t have to read much to get the drift of the message.
In each section, you will find a synopsis at the top and more detail as you scroll down.
If the details are not sufficient for your needs, please feel free to contact us.

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